Informatica Data Quality

Delivers clean, trusted data so all your projects and initiatives meet your business objectives.

2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality


Key Features

Informatica Data Quality offers a complete solution that provides end-to-end support for your growing data quality needs.

Holistic data stewardship console

The easy-to-use Informatica Analyst Tool mimics the steps of the data management workflow with a fully customizable interface.

Enterprise discovery, search, and profiling

Understand the nature of your data and identify the relationships between various data objects.

Rule builder for business analysts

Allows business users to build and test logical business rules without relying on IT.

Rich set of data quality transformations

Data standardization, validation, enrichment, de-duplication, and consolidation ensure delivery of high-quality information.

Exception data handling

Incorporates human tasks into the workflow, allowing business users to review, correct, and approve exceptions throughout the automated process.

Role-based capabilities

Empowers business users and facilitates collaboration between IT and business stakeholders.

Integrated business glossary

Enables stakeholders to collaborate, build, and manage a common business vocabulary across the organization.

Metadata management

Creates visibility throughout your data transformation so you have a connected view of all data—from source to target.

Map once, deploy anywhere

A virtual data machine lets you build your data quality rules once, then deploy them to run directly on the Informatica Platform, in Hadoop, in the cloud, or even embedded in your applications

Informatica Data Quality Public Cloud Support

Informatica Data Quality on Microsoft Azure

Ensure all your data is clean and ready to use with Informatica Data Quality on Azure so that business users can define and manage the transformations that turn data into the trusted insights that guie your organization’s most important business initiatives—all without relying on IT.

Informatica Data Quality on AWS

Get the same Informatica Data Quality user experience on-premises and in the cloud. Quickly spin up and spin down AWS infrastructure resources based on your needs and seamlessly reuse your existing rules, mappings, and other investments across on-premises and cloud environments.

Data Quality Editions

  Data Quality Standard Edition Data Quality Advanced Edition Data Quality Governance Premium Edition
Informatica Analyst (licensed by seat) 100 100 150
Discovery Search

Data Profiling

Business Rule Builder

Data Quality Transformation

Exception Management

Reference Table Management

Data Quality Workflow
Identity Match Option Optional
Data Domain and Enterprise Discovery Optional
Grid Computing and Partitioning Optional
Data Quality Web Services


Universal Record ID Optional
Business Glossary Upgrade Upgrade
Metadata Manager Upgrade Upgrade

Customer Success Stories

U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc.

U.S. Xpress Enterprise dramatically cut gas costs and truck idle time to become greener

Condé Nast

Condé Nast goes from "data as a nuisance" to "data as an asset" with Informatica


Tani improves customer loyalty program through a clean, single view of the customer data


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