Test Data Warehouse

Accelerate test cycles by provisioning test data in DevOps and improve software quality by creating optimal test data sets.

Test Data Warehouse gives testers a view into the test environment and lets them augment and select data for their test cases. Automating the provisioning of test data from Test Data Warehouse with DevOps accelerates the development cycles in an Agile development environment.

With Test Data Warehouse, testers can:

  • View, tag and search test data: Test engineers can view the data in the test environment, by browsing the data or querying it. Once the right set of data is found for a test case, it can be tagged with the test case and can be searched.
  • Manage and share test data: Make updates to test data to get just the right test data for the test case. Create smaller datasets for specific test cases or test areas. Share personal datasets with other users.
  • Coverage analysis for better quality: Analyze combinations of values in test data to identify white space for test data. Fill in the white space to get comprehensive test data sets.
  • Reset test data for productivity gains: Test engineers can reset the test environment with just their test data without impacting testing being done by other test engineers. Test engineers now don’t have to wait for full environment refreshes to restart their testing. This also eliminates the need for test engineers to estimate the number of test records they will need to for multiple test runs and changing automation scripts to use new test data.
  • Automation as part of DevOps: DevOp tools like Jenkins can now automate the process of resetting the data before the test automation scripts tests the application. This ensures that the test data is always present reducing test failures due to bad test data.