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Beware bad data

If you’re like most business people, you invest in data analytics to uncover hidden connections, unseen correlations, unknown customer preferences, and other useful information.1 Maybe you want to make better decisions about which products and services will delight customers, or perhaps you want to uncover process changes that could cut costs and shorten time to market.

The next generation of analytics will let you see patterns for predicting future behaviors, not just analyzing those in the past.

But if you think you’ll find concealed insight with just self-service data visualization tools, data warehouse appliances, and Hadoop, you’re wearing blinders. The truth is, none of these technologies by themselves will fix bad data.


c09-solutions-nextgen-73 Almost three-fourths of Gartner survey respondents have invested or plan to invest in big data in the next 24 months.
c09-solutions-next-gen-80-work-cleaning-data According to Forrester, 80% of the work in any big data project is in cleaning the data.

To make better decisions, you need great data—trustworthy, usable data that’s refined so you spend more time analyzing and less time finding and fixing errors. The risk of working with incomplete, inconsistent, untimely data is clear:

  • You lose customers to competitors and drain resources due to process inefficiencies.
  • You’re fined for being out of compliance.
  • You have to rely on ad-hoc, manual processes to access, prepare, and clean your data—processes that simply can’t scale. 2

Turn raw data into great data

Informatica’s data integration and data quality solutions bridge the gap between raw, messy data and reliable analytics. We allow our customers to:

  • Connect to all types of data sources (legacy transaction, social, and sensor data) to quickly assess what’s going on.
  • Create a complete, contextual view of data by integrating different data sources.
  • Refine and transform raw data into high-quality, complete, and trustworthy information.
  • Operationalize and make repeatable formerly manual processes for accessing and integrating data.
c09-solutions-nextgen-80-hadoop-diagram Informatica helps prepare data for next-generation analytics.

1Survey Analysis: Big Data Investment Grows but Deployments Remain Scarce in 2014, Gartner, Inc., September, 2014

2Forrester webinar: Big Data Integration Gains Momentum: Are You Ready?, June, 2014

David Lyle, Informatica VP Product Strategy, offers some compelling approaches to data warehouse modernizaiton based on his experience with customers.

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