Maxmize the value of Google Cloud data analytics with Informatica

Want Happy Customers? You Need Trusted Data From Informatica

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Amplify Google Cloud with Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Together, Informatica and Google Cloud allow you to modernize your data architectures by enabling data migration to Google BigQuery and maximizing the value of Google Analytics.

“We’re delighted to partner with leaders like Informatica to help businesses democratize data.”

Debanjan Saha

VP and GM of Data Analytics, Google Cloud

Make smarter business decisions. Fuel intelligent data on Google Cloud.

Modernize your data architecture

Maximize the value of your data-driven insights and cloud analytics modernization with Google Cloud and Informatica. With our integrated cloud analytics stack, you can base your business decisions on timely, relevant, and trusted data insights.

Expedite data migration to Google Cloud

Data is the new and trusted currency to create opportunities, solve challenges, and accelerate innovation. Informatica® Enterprise Data Catalog can help you accelerate data migration with Google Cloud.

Rapidly move SAP data into Google BigQuery

See how Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services quickly and easily move SAP data onto Google BigQuery.

Accelerate your cloud data warehouse migration

Your data warehouse is only as good as the quality of the data within it. With Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, you can rapidly access, synthesize and load data into and out of Google BigQuery from many sources.

Connect Google marketing analytics with Informatica

Learn how to connect data for marketing analytics, including Google Analytics. Easily read BigQuery tables, look up CRM IDs from Salesforce, and write to BigQuery using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services.

Accelerate value from analytics on SAP data in Google Cloud

With Google BigQuery, SAP users can realize massive analytics potential and lower costs. But extracting data from on-premises SAP systems, ingesting it into BigQuery, can be complex and challenging.

Power smarter analytics with Informatica + Google


Watch Amit Walia, CEO Informatica, as he has a fireside chat with Sam Waits, IT Director, Data and Analytics at ADT and Jaime Tatis, VP Data Strategy & Enablement at Telus Communications Canada

Hear how digital transformation with Informatica has impacted their respective companies.

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