Informatica Involved

Informatica’s passion extends far beyond our belief in our mission, products, and services. We are also passionate about social issues in our local neighborhoods and global community. Our corporate citizenship program exists to demonstrate our commitment to:

  • Social responsibility both locally and globally, with a focus on education
  • Supporting the personal interests of our employees to give back to the community
Corporate Citizenship - Community Involvement
Community Involvement

We honor our commitment to making a positive impact in the community through various philanthropic programs and social service initiatives.

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Corporate Citizenship - Core Values
Core Values

Implemented throughout our company is a set of norms, beliefs, and practices that we hold in high regard.

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Corporate Citizenship - Education

We are proud to support institutions and nonprofit organizations that address student needs, and programs that foster learning and positive youth development.

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Corporate Citizenship - Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives

Consistent with our commitment to the environment, we take numerous measures to minimize our footprint and conserve natural resources.

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