Governance and Leadership

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Strong Board Leadership

Our Board of Directors is key to driving our long-term growth, business sustainability, and responsible operations. Our Board includes independent directors who help bring impartial and objective perspectives to the company. The gender diversity of our Board also reflects the value we place on diverse backgrounds and experiences at every level.

Honest and Ethical Behavior

Informatica’s Code of Business Conduct outlines how we conduct our business with the highest degree of honesty and ethical behavior. We are accountable for our words and actions. We speak with openness, honesty and courage. And we strive to build a challenging work environment that rewards teamwork, innovation and success while respecting individuality, and diverse lifestyles and workstyles.

Ethics Hotline

We take all employee concerns seriously. We foster an open-door philosophy that invites employees to bring any concerns to our attention, whether that be to a member of the leadership, HR, or corporate compliance teams, or through our dedicated Ethics Hotline.

Stakeholder and Government Relations

We actively and appropriately engage with a variety of stakeholders. We regularly meet with investors and industry analysts to gather input and outside perspective. We support the Business Software Alliance in its efforts to modernize laws and policies relevant to our business. We educate employees regarding pertinent rules and regulations, and how they can ensure ethical interactions with governmental agencies.

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Our Integrated Governance and Leadership

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