One of Costa Rica's leading financial institutions with 140 offices and approximately 4,500 employees, the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (BNCR) wanted to leverage its customer data to improve marketing, customer service, and decision making. To achieve this goal, the bank first needed to merge customer data from 32 sources into a single central database.


  • Eliminate inconsistencies in data from 32 disparate sources
  • Create central repository of trusted, reliable, standardized customer data
  • Continually monitor, measure, and improve data quality
Informatica Data Explorer is marvelous for discovering the quality of data, because the results are obtained quickly and the only limits to what you can do are in your mind — the tool always offers more
— Sergio Rodriguez
Director of Databases and Strategic Information
Banco Nacional de Costa Rica


  • Avoided $1.5 million in IT costs
  • Eliminated up to 33 years of manual data analysis and coding
  • Enhanced CRM and marketing effectiveness
  • Improved compliance with governmental regulations

Technologies Used