The Utah Department of Health (DoH) is committed to doing its part to keep Utahns healthy. The goal of Utah's public health programs is to work to protect the public - along with other state agencies and our twelve local health departments, Utah DoH monitors the quality of the food, air, water and detect outbreaks of infectious diseases and prevent their spread.


  • The Utah state legislature recognized the need for a more sophisticated information platform to drive its desires for healthcare reform
  • Utah DoH's legacy systems were broken due to regulations, archaic and complicated payment systems, and a lack of transparency to cost and quality of care
  • To drive EOC analysis, tracking people longitudinally was required
We see the Informatica identity resolution technology as absolutely essential to everything that we want to do, not only to meet our mandate for the All Payer Database, but also to start spreading that message outwards and help other projects move forward.
— Dr. Keely Cofrin Allen
Director, Office of Health Care Statistics
State of Utah Department of Health


  • Enable payers to better understand and reduce costs and payouts
  • Support business and consumers to make more informed health decisions
  • Provided the highest degree of matching with the least amount of manual intervention
  • Freed resources to focus on research collaboration and new health reform initiatives

Technologies Used

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