Informatica Vibe™ Virtual Data Machine

Vibe is an embeddable data management engine that powers Informatica's Intelligent Data Platform and can access, aggregate, and manage any type of data.

How Vibe Works

As new data sources emerge, users shift, and new data technologies come along, you need to support them. With Vibe, you now can—without having to recode or rewrite.

That's because Vibe separates the development environment from the underlying execution technology by simply modifying the way that logic is executed to accommodate different data types, different computing platforms, and even different consumption models.

Vibe is the only way you can take advantage of the latest new data and technologies rapidly. The only way to keep up with the pace of change and range of complexity. The only way to harness data in every application, in every process, for every person, and in every device.

  • Automatically connect virtualized data integration prototypes to the physical world
  • Embed data quality directly into an application
  • Deploy on Hadoop, without knowing Hadoop
  • Create reusable integration workflows that can be built on premise and deployed to the Cloud, or vice versa

With Vibe, you can turn raw data into actionable information right inside your application—and put the full potential of information to work for you.

This demo shows two examples of the Informatica Vibe Virtual Data Machine's "Map Once, Deploy Anywhere" capabilities – in the cloud and on-premise. You will see a mapping created in Informatica Cloud deployed in Informatica PowerCenter and then a mapping built in PowerCenter deployed in Informatica Cloud.

This demo shows how the Informatica Vibe Virtual Data Machine lets you map once, deploy anywhere. This specific example uses Vibe to embed data quality rules within Informatica PIM, which manages product data across all channels.

This demo shows how Vibe Data Stream for machine data provides the ability to perform high volume, high velocity and high speed streaming of data into Hadoop or a NoSQL database like Casandra. With the Informatica Vibe "Map Once, Deploy Anywhere", you can extract your data from anywhere and deploy it anywhere without any recoding. Try the open access download and take your first steps to rapidly developing applications that sense and respond to streaming data in real-time

This demo will show how third-party applications can embed Informatica's Vibe Virtual Data Machine to power data integration within their application, while providing a seamless user experience for their end-users. This particular example will show how Xactly, a cloud application for managing incentive compensation, runs with Vibe embedded in the application.