Route Real-Time and Low-Latency Data Across the Globe Quickly and Reliably

The Dynamic Routing Option extends Informatica Ultra Messaging’s leadership in application-to-application messaging. It provides guaranteed messaging over the WAN plus dynamic routing for automatic “best path” selection. With this option, your organization is in a better position to capitalize on real-time information and big data workflows.

  • Increase the efficiency, reliability, and resilience of applications using expensive, failure-prone WAN links
  • Share real-time data, such as order flows and trade data, between applications that need to cross geographic or network boundaries, such as from one LAN to another or across a WAN
  • Prepare for big data in motion (ever-growing volumes) with high-performance global aggregation and guaranteed delivery for analytics, operational intelligence, and high-performance business processes

Informatica Ultra Messaging Dynamic Routing Option Key Features

  • Guaranteed messaging over WAN links for persistent delivery across global data centers
  • Intelligent topic routing to automatically pick the shortest network route, even after a link failure
  • Automatic hot/hot failover for high availability