Improve Data Quality and Enable Data Governance for Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

In today’s tightly regulated global banking environment, banks are required to be more transparent with how they manage risk. With new and existing regulations, such as Dodd Frank, Basel III, and MiFiD II, having data that’s comprehensive, timely, accurate, auditable, and authoritative is critical. High data quality ensures that banks not only avoid costly regulatory audits and fines, but also retain adequate capitalization rates and ultimately improve market confidence.

To help manage data as a business asset, banking firms often invest in formal data governance programs supported by certain roles, processes, standards, and polices. But in doing so, they often engage in manual data management and use unproven open-source tools to manage critical data quality processes, business definitions and glossaries, and data lineage and documentation. These choices prevent firms from benefitting from past data governance investments and from ensuring compliance with industry regulations. The result: costly financial damages from otherwise fully preventable risks.

The Informatica Data Quality and Data Governance Solution

The Informatica data quality and data governance solution for risk management and compliance helps banks to significantly improve the performance of their data governance programs. The data quality and data governance solution enables you to manage and deliver the accurate, transparent, and audit-proof data needed for enterprise risk management. It also helps achieve compliance with newer regulations such as the Dodd-Frank Act and Basel III.

With the Informatica data quality and data governance solution, you can:

  • Maximize the value of existing data governance program investments by delivering trusted, accurate, and certifiable data
  • Leverage and enforce data governance policies and metrics related to data quality at an enterprise level
  • Reduce the risk of failing regulatory audits for ongoing stress testing, credit risk management, and liquidity risk stress testing

Key Capabilities of Data Quality and Data Governance for Risk and Compliance

Unlike traditional tools and processes that support data governance, the Informatica solution delivers specific capabilities that allow data analysts, data stewards, data owners, and IT developers to manage an end-to-end data governance lifecycle.

The Informatica data quality and data governance solution for risk management and compliance is based on the Informatica Platform and features the following capabilities:

  • Robust data quality discovery and profiling to identify, measure, and increase awareness of data issues and anomalies needed for risk management and regulatory compliance
  • A data quality rules development and management console to create reusable data quality rules for use in upstream client onboarding, loan origination, underwriting, loan processing, and servicing systems
  • Customizable data quality dashboards and proactive monitoring to identify and alert data stewards to urgent data errors related to compliance
  • Proactive data quality monitoring to ensure proactive and agile responses to data quality errors as well as errors that require immediate attention
  • End-to-end data lineage analysis and reporting to satisfy audit requests from regulators and avoid the pain of manually documenting how data is captured, transformed, cleansed, filtered, and calculated
  • Business Glossary to allow data stewards to manage and maintain business terms and data definitions required for risk management and regulatory reporting