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Maximize Your Return on Data

Gain competitive advantage by increasing the value and lowering the cost of managing your data.

Maximize Your Return on Data

Maximizing Return on Data

If your company is like most, you have plenty of data. You spend money gathering it, storing it, and maintaining it. But are you really getting all that you can out of it?

While many companies understand that their data is key to driving competitive advantage, most of them also know that they are not as effective as they could be at transforming it into a useful asset. The data is there, but it’s fragmented across different systems - it’s in the cloud, it’s on the desktop, it’s on mobile devices.  In fact, it’s everywhere and it’s duplicated again, and again, and again. It’s not delivering the value needed to improve operations and increase revenue. And, as it grows, the cost to manage it only increases.

Informatica’s mission is to help our customers increase their competitive advantage by maximizing their Return on Data to drive their top business imperatives.  We believe that if we can  increase the value of data and lower the cost of data then our customers can maximize the return on their data, deliver new revenue at lower costs, increase margins and ensure unique competitive differentiation to their business. 

Return on data is a simple equation: the value of data divided by the cost of data. While the equation may be simple, it’s often difficult for organizations to achieve return on data because they don’t have the right technology or strategies in place. They spend the majority of their time maintaining and managing existing systems, struggling to keep pace with the demands of the business. Informatica can help.

Informatica helps increase the value of data, by making data:

  • Relevant - Ensuring the right information is available to empower the persons and systems that need it.
  • Actionable - Enabling proactive real-time processing based upon changes to data.
  • Timely - Ensuring data is provided at the moment of value.
  • Holistic - Ensuring the business has a complete, logical view of its data in the right context.
  • Trustworthy - Data that is driving business operations and decisions is accurate, complete, and without error.
  • Accessible  - Ensuring access to all data – including complex or unstructured formats inside or beyond the firewall.
  • Authoritative - Ensuring a governed view of trusted data to the business.

Informatica helps companies lower cost of data by reducing:

  • business costs by making the business more productive and enabling cloud economics
  • labor costs for all aspects of the Data Integration lifecycle – thereby freeing up resources for other critical activities
  • software costs through cost-effective scalability, grid processing and retirement of unwanted applications
  • hardware costs across the IT environment by removing redundancy and unnecessary systems

Our customers tell us that their most important asset is their data. Informatica helps them to maximize their Return on Data by increasing the value of their data, while lowering the cost of their data, with a comprehensive, unified, open, and economical platform that delivers top line value to the business and bottom line reduction in data costs.

Companies across all industries rely on the Informatica Platform to maximize Return on Data:

  • Using Informatica, HealthNow obtained a holistic, single view of customer and claims information with five times faster development times and three times lower development costs.
  • With the Informatica Platform, Electronic Arts integrated 22 systems and achieved tighter inventory control by making information more accessible. As a result, they increased revenues by millions, saved millions annually, and cut project times in half.
  • With Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Edition, Vivo was able to deliver timely information across the business. This gave them a 30 percent  revenue increase from marketing campaigns and  75 percent faster campaign rollout. At the same time, they cut project costs in half and lowered network costs by 20 percent.

With the Informatica Platform, companies can put their data to work to operate with more efficiency and agility, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.  With Informatica companies will maximize their Return on Data by increasing the value of data and lowering the cost of data.