Education Elements

Education Elements helps school districts nurture the potential of every student through the creation of personalized learning environments. The company’s consulting services and personalized learning platform, Highlight, currently support more than 200 schools, more than 4,000 teachers and 120,000 students.

“By connecting learning data, Informatica Cloud empowers our personalized learning platform, Highlight, to unlock the potential of every teacher. Teachers now have the information at their fingertips to deliver a personalized, invigorating learning experience for every student and improve student outcomes.”

— Amy Jenkins, VP Marketing, Education Elements


Business Need

Understand more about individual student performance to empower teachers to create personalized learning modules. Currently, it is difficult for teachers to balance the learning needs of a ‘straight A’ student against those of a student falling behind in class.

Accelerate onboarding of new school districts and digital content partners. For example, setting up a school district previously took up to three weeks to complete, and the average content integration with a digital content partners took 2-3 months for each connection.

Remove account provisioning tasks from IT and teachers to allow both to spend time on more important education-related areas.

Accelerate student access to the login process by providing each student with a single sign-on to all their digital content through Highlight.

Empower a client with a 7,000 student school to speed up and streamline enrollment and student outreach. This required Salesforce.com integration with other systems of record and additional application programming interface (API) integrations.



Too much time was spent fusing and analyzing non-standardized data from digital content partners (i.e. learning management systems such as Schoology and digital curriculum such as ST Math and Achieve3000), including data on student activity, usage and performance metrics.

The management of digital content partners was inflexible, involving significant partner resources. For example, there were a multitude of different file formats for content providers, significant manual API administration and different Student Information Systems (SIS).

Education Elements needed to integrate reporting and insights with GoodData, the cloud business intelligence system used by Education Elements.

A reliance on point integration solutions meant that Education Elements had to perform individual integrations with each partner. This complex and custom coding commanded scarce core engineering resources.


Solutions & Results

Education Elements uses Informatica Cloud and Informatica PowerCenter to quickly and easily integrate content of any type or source into their personalized learning platform. This includes data from the universe of digital learning partners, student information systems, Salesforce.com and other proprietary systems of record.

Teachers can now understand individual student performance, enabling them to assign personalized digital education content. In one district, for example, reading scores went up by 154% following the adoption of the Informatica-driven learning platform.

The time needed to integrate a new digital content partner reduced from 2-3 months to 2-4 weeks on average, a 50-60% improvement in time to market.

Informatica’s ease of use enabled Education Element’s QA and non-technical customer support team to create integration workflows. No core engineering resources were required. This empowerment of “citizen integrators” doubled the number of integration resources, giving Education Elements added flexibility in the deployment of new integrations and on-boarding new school districts.

Informatica Cloud pre-built connector for Salesforce reduced the time to integrate Salesforce.com with other systems of record for batch and real-time integration, by more than 50%, from 3-4 months down to 1-2 months.

Students have one place to log-in to all of the digital content which saves valuable instructional time.

Teachers and education administrators now have accurate, timely information for everyday decision-making leveraging the GoodData reporting system. They can perform reliable and rapid building and district-level reporting on issues such as usage which impacts district purchasing decisions and professional development planning.

Thirty three percent of Education Elements use PowerSchools as their Student Information System (SIS) and with Informatica, this frequently occurring integration is now completed 50% faster.


Products & Services

Informatica Cloud

A family of cloud data integration solutions specifically designed to help SaaS application and platform customers integrate cloud-based data with the data residing in on-premise databases and systems or between cloud applications.

Connector for Salesforce.com

Informatica Cloud’s Salesforce connectivity integrates on-premise systems, SaaS applications, and enterprise databases. Synchronize your Sales Cloud front office with your back-office, on-premise, operational data stores to accelerate sales momentum, increase agility, and reduce operating costs.

Custom connectors

Connect your cloud and on-premise apps rapidly with native Informatica custom connectors.

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

Success Stories

Grant Thornton

Reduced data integration development and maintenance lifecycle by 50%.

The Travel Corporation

With Informatica’s Cloud MDM to Salesforce Travel Corporation is able to see all interactions with their customers.

Schneider Electric

Improved collaboration across business units, enables Schneider to increase sales in multi-business opportunities by 10-20%.