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HelloFresh is the world’s leading meal kit company, based in Berlin, Germany. It operates in 14 markets, including the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, and Australia.

"Demand forecasting became even more important and difficult during the pandemic. With Informatica’s Data Governance Solution, our employees were able to get the data they needed to help us succeed."

— Kai von Grambusch, Director, Data & Analytics, HelloFresh Global


Business Need

Scale up data analytics as the company grows to keep customers happy, manage costs, and stay ahead of competitors

Make it easy for employees to find key data to accelerate insights, such as planning/forecasting cycles related to pandemic-driven demand

Standardize business terms and key performance indicators (KPIs) while empowering employees to collaborate on data governance


Solutions & Results

Transitioned to a data mesh architecture that decentralizes data ownership and treats data assets as products delivered companywide

Documented metadata and data lineage for Cloudera data warehouse and other critical sources with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

Planning to create a centralized glossary for business terms, KPIs, and metrics using Informatica Axon Data Governance

Met unprecedented surge in demand for meal kits during COVID-19, more than doubling annual revenue

Delivers richer business insights due to faster time to market for data and analytics

Helps employees collect knowledge and “speak the same language” by providing a consistent source of business context


Products & Services

Axon Data Governance

Power the industry's first enterprise data governance solution with a 100 percent cloud-based tool.

Enterprise Data Catalog

Discover and inventory data assets across your organization.

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