Make sure address data is accurate so that every package gets delivered and every customer is happy.

Address Verification

For 240+ countries and territories, ensure your packages arrive, no matter where your customers are located or in what language their addresses are written.

Global Geocoding

Enriches your customer address data with up-to-date and accurate latitude and longitude information.

Consumer Data Enrichment

Append global consumer classification data to your customer addresses to learn more about customers and develop deeper relationships.

Countries and Data (Interactive Country Map)

Up-to-date reference data for 240+ countries and territories throughout the world.


More than 60 worldwide partners integrate our Address Verification technology into their own application software or are resellers of the service.

Data Quality Center (DQC)

Self-service address checking lets you correct international address data at any time.


For support with your current AddressDoctor subscriptions, technical questions or assistance, please visit our Support section.

Address Verification online demos

You can test up to 25 addresses without registering for a free trial using our online demo, which comes in two variations—Interactive and Fast Completion.

Interactive Demo

The Interactive Demo lets you enter an address and test if it is accurate. This demo is perfect if you want to validate addresses for your current customers or as potential customers give you their address.

Fast Completion Demo

The Fast Completion Demo verifies the address as you enter it and will auto-complete with the best match. This is ideal for organizations that need to validate information quickly, such as an online retailer or a call center.