Regulation, Risk, and Compliance

Deliver comprehensive, timely and accurate data for risk management and regulatory compliance initiatives including SOLVENCY II

All Insurance institutions face significant amounts of regulation and are required to accurately assess and measure all types of Risk to allocate sufficient levels of capital. These same regulations also require them to increase transparency across their Risk portfolio. Insurance institutions need the right data, with the appropriate qualities such as accuracy and timeliness, to ensure they get their Risk calculations right. This is evident in requirements such as SOLVENCY II compliance for example. M&A activity, too many siloed Product or Policy systems introduced over time, human intervention required in data processing and use of inappropriate data management tools and approaches have all resulted in difficulties in understanding whether available data is actually the right data and, if it is, whether it’s accurate and up-to-date. Data often also sits in the siloes of the business where it’s enterprise-wide value is reduced. Whether for standard formula or an internal model requirements, Risk teams need the best data they can to reduce the impact of potential miscalculations of risk and associated capital allocations, reduce the potential risk of non-compliance and to significantly increase transparency.

Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) provides a comprehensive, integrated, scalable, and proven platform to integrate, manage, govern, and leverage data to improve current and future Risk management and regulatory compliance in today’s increasingly globalized Insurance industry. Our solution enables Insurance institutions to:

  • Automate and manage simple-to-complex data integration, transformation, and standardization of raw data into valuable insights and provide access to required data sources
  • Create a centralized enterprise data catalog for commonly used data for Risk management and regulatory reporting, with built in Data Governance, leveraging the economy and power of Hadoop
  • Increase trust in your data with integrated data profiling, quality rules management, dashboards, and automated remediation workflow management
  • Develop and embed data controls across your organizational data pipeline to improve the quality and accuracy of operational data
  • Capabilities to provide the source data to demonstrate Appropriateness, Completeness and Accuracy criteria
  • Enable data stewards to create, manage and publish Business Glossaries across the enterprise and manage the process around introduction and change of terms and definitions
  • Deliver end to end Technical and Business lineage and generate insights into your data processes to satisfy regulatory audit requirements

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