Jardine Motors Group

Jardine Motors Group UK Limited (JMG UK) represents some of the world’s most prestigious and recognized car brands, including Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and McLaren. The company operates motor vehicle franchises in more than 50 locations in the UK and employs approximately 2,700 people. Business operations include the sale of new and used vehicles, parts, service, financing, and insurance.

“Informatica Customer 360 is the glue that binds everything together and enables us to drive digital transformation while continuing to use our legacy systems.”

Alex Brown

Head of Digital Marketing and Transformation, Jardine Motors Group
Business Need
  • Improve customer data to capture more leads and close sales
  • Modernize the technology environment while gradually retiring legacy systems
  • Personalize customer interactions at scale and across channels
  • Build better customer relationships by establishing a single view of the customer across multiple dealer management systems
  • Drive digital transformation by feeding high-quality customer data into Salesforce sales, marketing, and service clouds
  • Comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy mandates and rights requirements around customer data
Solutions & Results
  • Consolidate customer data from legacy systems within Salesforce using Informatica Customer 360
  • Use Informatica to maintain a single customer view within Salesforce, even as new information is entered into disparate legacy systems
  • Facilitates GDPR compliance while empowering customers by putting them in charge of how their data is used
  • Master customer and customer consent data to manage consent and fulfill customers’ data privacy requests
  • Allows sales and marketing to build better customer relationships through digital marketing and householding
  • Enables digital transformation at dealerships’ own pace, without disrupting the business or relationships with auto and parts manufacturers
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Products & Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

A next generation iPaaS, reimagined for new data management challenges with a microservices architecture.

Cloud Data Integration

Build advanced and complex integrations and run them at scale in a serverless environment or using Spark processing. Our modular and flexible approach to cloud data management improves business agility, allowing you to easily adopt new integration patterns and keep up with market changes

Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce

Eliminate account and contact data inaccuracies in Salesforce for smarter customer relationships.

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