Cloud Data Integration

High-performing bulk data synchronization and replication for cloud and on-premise apps.

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Advanced visual designer for technical users, and a self-service wizard for SaaS administrators and business analysts.


Automated scheduling

To increase adoption of your SaaS application, it cannot live in a silo—it needs to interact with other line-of-business SaaS apps as well as legacy on-premise applications and databases. And to get access to key information, you need to run your business processes within your SaaS application as well. Informatica Cloud Data Integration enables automated scheduling of jobs as well as task-flow sequencing of multiple jobs to make it easy to integrate your SaaS application into your enterprise application ecosystem.

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Data transformation

You need to be able to integrate data quickly and easily to stay on top of your business. To provide rapid access to critical information for the users who need it most, Informatica Cloud Data Integration enables data transformation through a drag-and-drop web interface. Informatica Cloud Data Integration also includes direct connectivity to SaaS apps, on-premise applications, and databases, and support for multiple objects to manage contacts and accounts.


Efficient data replication

Replicating relevant cloud application information and manipulating the data so that it’s in the right format greatly speeds up your core reporting, compliance, and business intelligence processes. Among other features—including the ability to rapidly archive all Salesforce data to comply with existing regulations and governance policies, and support for a variety of databases including SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, and Oracle—Informatica Cloud Data Integration ensures that only the Salesforce data that has changed since the last replication job gets extracted.

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Visual designer

The Informatica Cloud Designer provides a drag-and-drop, wizard-based design environment to enable developers and line-of-business SaaS administrators to easily build integration workflows that span across cloud and hybrid environments. Developers use the design canvas to drag and drop data sources, targets, and advanced transformations. The Informatica Cloud Designer also enables developers to specify a set of dynamic object-linking rules that can be applied to all or a subset of the fields that flow into every source, target, and transformation in an integration workflow.


Automatic API configuration

The Informatica Cloud Designer instantly parses through the business metadata of every cloud application’s API and presents configuration options in an intuitive user interface. As a result, all integration logic is future-proofed and developers don’t have to deal with the time-consuming task of interacting with the cloud application endpoints at the WSDL level.

Developers can also use the Cloud Designer to build reusable Vibe Integration Packages (VIPs) that include parameters within the integration workflow, which can be configured by line-of-business SaaS administrators at runtime.

Free 30-day trial

Fast business integration

SaaS administrators can easily deliver new or changing business requirements through the Cloud Designer’s wizard-based UI. Business integration workflows can quickly be built from scratch or by modifying existing integrations.

Pre-built VIPs available from developers, partners, or the Informatica Marketplace let SaaS administrators speed delivery of critical processes such as opportunity-to-order, lead-to-cash, and order-to-fulfillment, to name a few.


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