B2B Gateway

Simplify the Exchange of Data with Partners and Customers with Informatica B2B Gateway

With companies extending their collaboration with partners, channels, suppliers and customers, a B2B gateways has become strategic to their business operations. Informatica B2B Gateway supports the B2B processing of data in any format, using any communication protocol, enabling the B2B gateway to support business processes with any partner.

B2B Gateway for Universal Data Transformation

Informatica B2B Gateway supports the exchange of any data, in any format, from any source including:

  • Unique support for binary documents like PDF, Excel, Word
  • Robust support for flat files (delimited, positional, name value)
  • Native support for XML
  • Broadest coverage of industry standards : EDI-X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA, SWIFT, FIX, NACHA etc.
  • Best of breed secure communication

Informatica B2B Gateway enables your company to reduce costs and increase revenue. Implement B2B Gateway to remove the barriers that prevent you from conducting business with a specific entity.

B2B Gateway for Business Driven Data Exchange

Informatica B2B Gateway empowers business users and reduces impact on IT with a community management environment that allows business users to configure external data sources and monitor data events. With the help of B2B Gateway, you can minimize IT involvement in monitoring and on-boarding, enabling IT to focus on process improvements and innovation.

B2B Gateway for Partner Data Governance

Informatica B2B Gateway provides visibility into the entire data exchange process with capabilities that permit end-to-end management and monitoring of data moving from outside of the enterprise into internal application.

Informatica B2B Gateway detects data quality problems early, which means you can detect content problems early in the process—and ensure that only valid, trusted data enters or leaves the enterprise.