Three Steps to Accelerate Data Governance on Snowflake Data Cloud

Last Published: Jan 30, 2024 |

Snowflake announced the availability of their Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated Program, which covers three key data governance capabilities that help customers know, protect, and unlock the potential of their data through:

  • Dynamic data masking
  • Object tagging
  • Access and dependencies views

Customers can leverage both the breadth and depth of Informatica’s Data Governance solutions and Snowflake Data Governance capabilities for their broader enterprise data governance initiatives and strategies.

To get the most out of Snowflake Data Cloud, customers can accelerate their data governance initiatives with the following three joint capabilities:

1.  Protect confidential or sensitive data using data masking policies. With our joint capabilities, you can:

  • Define regulated data and policies, and align across people, processes, and systems using Informatica’s Cloud Data Governance and Catalog
  • Locate, classify, and understand personal and sensitive data across the organization
  • Protect personal data, and centrally manage customer consent and rights to comply with privacy regulations and corporate standards
  • Link these data masking policies to a classification policy in Informatica Data Privacy Management

Now data stewards can ensure compliance with data access policies by surveying their Snowflake data estate and taking data protection actions to invoke Snowflake dynamic data masking as appropriate.

2. Enable discoverability of data as a key pillar to data democratization. Customers can utilize and control their data by applying business context to data objects through:

  • Leveraging Informatica’s Data Catalog and Governance to establish business glossaries and data domains that map business terms to technical terms
  • Uploading Snowflake object tags and the objects they are associated with to the Enterprise Data Catalog
  • Surfacing the tags to the end user via custom attributes in Enterprise Data Catalog.

This enables data stewards to ensure that their business glossary and data classifications are consistent with the Snowflake object tags. Now customers can manage the end-to-end lifecycle of business context and data in Snowflake. 

3. Identify user-behavior anomalies. Leverage Informatica Data Privacy Management to monitor the new Snowflake access view for user-behavior monitoring. This can be used on data tagged as sensitive, private, or otherwise valuable. Customers can reduce and remediate risk through the following steps:

  • Run risk mitigation simulation plans on a single view of all their data assets in and around Snowflake and prioritize areas of higher risk.
  • Create monitors and alerts by identifying areas of potential risk on various security policies to alert users of any violations.

The privacy access view enables data stewards and data owners to track user access to date and identify anomalies.

Certified as part of Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated, Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud data governance, quality, catalog, and privacy capabilities enable organizations to confidently and fully unleash the power of data on Snowflake Data Cloud

Together we are committed to ensuring our customers have access to industry-leading data governance capabilities to assure successful Snowflake data cloud projects.

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First Published: Nov 16, 2021