Welcome to a New Era of Data Privacy Governance: Introducing Data Privacy Management 10.4

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Nathan Turajski
Nathan Turajski

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Data Governance & Privacy

We launched our Intelligent Data Platform at Informatica World 2014. The Intelligent Data Platform, with its integrated ability to organize data and apply metadata-driven intelligence and automation to deliver it to applications, represented a major first step to detect data and identify relationships to accelerate data categorization.

Our advanced data risk management and remediation solution, Secure@Source, launched shortly after we introduced the Intelligent Data Platform. In the six years since its first release, Secure@Source has enabled organizations to globally track and protect data—a milestone solution that helps to accelerate compliance within regulated industries. With this greater understanding of data context and security posture, enterprises can prioritize risk and remediation by automating Informatica’s market-leading data masking capabilities, archive data, minimize data, and apply additional data governance capabilities to accelerate trusted data use.

It’s a New Era of Data Privacy Governance

With the growth of worldwide, regional, and industry privacy mandates such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Secure@Source has expanded to include managing data subject rights (DSRs), mapping identities to understand data use, and tracking anomalous behavior, and introducing additional data protection such as FPE (format-preserving encryption).

Secure@Source is part of Informatica’s expanded solution for privacy governance which now includes Axon Data Governance, Enterprise Data Catalog, and Informatica platform solutions that automate data management. With Secure@Source, organizations can better understand and reduce risk, even as they open the door to safe value-creation opportunities that align with your privacy compliance goals.

The drive of the last few years toward increased user privacy rights for limiting data exposure has further changed the compliance landscape. New enterprise mandates that require increased transparency for appropriate use and new requirements, such as rights to erasure, have made Secure@Source an increasingly valuable tool—not just in terms of implementing data protection, but for governing the new era of privacy rights assurance.

Introducing Data Privacy Management

We’re excited to highlight the latest developments within the Data Governance and Privacy product lines to help organizations tackle the GDPR, CCPA and beyond. As part of our Spring Launch, we’re announcing that Secure@Source will now be named Data Privacy Management. Here are our key reasons for making this change:

  • To better reflect the purpose valued most by customers: operationalizing data privacy governance
  • Promote a wider set of data privacy enabled controls supported in the product and solution set
  • Align to the Informatica Platform for improved consistency in future releases

Let’s cover these points in more detail:

Appropriate to the Purpose: Expanded Data Privacy Governance Capabilities

In addition to data protection, DSAR reporting, and other innovations for privacy governance, Data Privacy Management offers risk management capabilities that integrate with Axon Data Governance for policy definition, Enterprise Data Catalog for discovery, MDM with consent management, Data Protection for remediation, and more. These capabilities enable your data privacy governance roadmap to scale along with your maturing organization. The new name is more descriptive of the capabilities it provides on the Informatica Platform and a complete solution.

Data Privacy Management for… Managing Privacy, of Course!

While the product continues to offer advanced capabilities to better understand data, analyze risks, and apply remediation, data privacy governance goes beyond the data to integrate user context analysis and privacy rights fulfillment. Data Privacy Management increasingly reflects its comprehensive charter to enable controls over appropriate data use by enforcing and responding to privacy rights, while continuing to offer the best data protection options available to keep data safe, while open for business, with the flexibility of risk remediation that is automated and reliable.

Platform Alignment

With the change from Secure@Source 5.1 to Data Privacy Management 10.4, future product releases will be in closer lockstep to the Informatica Platform release cycle. Enterprises that plan upgrades around major Informatica platform release cycles will enjoy better alignment with complementary products they may already be using in tandem, which should help to simplify upgrade planning windows for greatest efficiency. For example, Data Privacy Management along with Data Engineering Masking can help you accelerate your cloud workload migration plans when risk management and data protection are aligned as solutions.

Looking to the Future of Privacy Governance

Data Privacy Management 10.4 is part of Informatica’s spring release, with additional innovations to come on the 2020 roadmap. We hope you will join us during our Spring Launch Event (March 24-25) to learn more about the latest capabilities for privacy governance with Data Privacy Management 10.4. For more details, please contact your Informatica representative for a product update presentation.

Informatica’s Spring Launch will also highlight how Data Privacy Management is enabling safer data democratization to help make your data marketplace available for greater value creation opportunities using the power of data. Join us to learn more!

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First Published: Mar 22, 2020