3 Ways Informatica Makes ELT and ETL on Azure Easy

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Bill Creekbaum
Bill Creekbaum

Sr. Director of Product Management for Cloud, Big Data, and Analytic Ecosystems

ELT and ETL on Azure

Informatica recently announced the availability of the Cloud Data Integration Free Service, which fast tracks ETL/ELT data integration, transformation, and loading of priority workloads to Azure Data Services for cloud data warehousing, data lakes and analytics use cases. Don’t let “free” fool you into thinking it’s under-powered or not up for its intended enterprise use cases. Quite the contrary. 

The Informatica Cloud Data Integration Free Service is optimized for your modern cloud data warehouse patterns: bulk load raw data to your data lake (ELT), curate that data in the lake (ETL), and ultimately load those curated results to your cloud data warehouse.  

Let’s take the simple yet very real-world example of regularly extracting data from several on-premises Oracle and SQL Server databases, loading it to and curating it in your Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) data lake, and then loading into your Azure Synapse cloud data warehouse. 

Here are 3 ways that Informatica makes this easy with the Cloud Data Integration Free Service: 

  1. Easy to Get Started: Registration and set up are as easy as 1-2-3. Sounds too easy, right? Once you’ve signed up and logged in, Click on Guide Me at the right of the interface and use the many videos, interactive walkthroughs, and tutorials, such as Configure Your Environment, Try It Out (with included sample data), and Get Connected (which covers connecting to your own data sources). 
  2. Easy to Load Raw Data (ELT): The CDI Free Service easily allows you to rapidly and efficiently move raw database data to your lake, ready for curation. First, loading to the lake is a breeze with the Database Mass Ingestion service. Connect to your source databases and with a simple wizard you’re able to build a repeatable loading job to handle the heavy lifting between your source databases and your ADLS data lake. Whether it is 5 tables, 105 tables, or 1005+ tables, Database Mass Ingestion makes this fast and easy.  
  3. Easy to Transform and Curate (ETL): The CDI Free Service simplifies the curation of your data. Once in the lake, use the industry’s leading iPaaS Data Integration Service to curate your data. Do the heavy processing to denormalize your data, scrub data, and transform the shape of your data prior to loading into your Azure Synapse cloud data warehouse, taking the most technical and cost-effective advantage of the Azure services in your solution stack. 

Try it out for yourselves. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a Cloud Data Integration Free Service account at https://www.informatica.com/azurefree and get started.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration Free Service tutorial
First Published: Jun 07, 2021