Hello, Privitar: Simplified, Secure Data Access and Governance

Last Published: Jul 06, 2023 |
Brett Roscoe
Brett Roscoe

SVP, GM Data Governance

Today, we are excited to announce our intent to acquire Privitar and integrate it into our market leading Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC). Privitar empowers organizations to use their data safely and ethically by building collaborative workflows, policy-based data privacy and access controls in data operations.

For decades, Informatica has enabled businesses to bring their data to life and realize the transformative power of their data. Our native, AI-driven cloud architecture and IDMC help turn chaotic data into a trusted resource, fueling actionable insights and innovation.

Integrating Privitar into our data management cloud will allow customers to manage their data with greater control, allowing the correct data to move through the enterprise to support data-driven decision-making and boost business outcomes.

Improving How Customers Bring Their Data to Life

As enterprises look to be more data-driven and democratize the use of data further in their organization, the ability to easily control access and enforce policies has become a critical need. 

Privitar integrated into IDMC will strengthen Informatica's cloud data governance capabilities, enhance our access control functionality and provide a richer set of capabilities to support workloads across IDMC’s data governance & privacy category.

Our customers will benefit from this improved capability accelerating the use of governed and trusted data across the organization by simplifying and automating access to business-critical data and empowering more users across the enterprise. 

Automation and AI: Enforcing Data Governance and Access

At the Informatica World event last month in Las Vegas, we explained what modern data governance looks like for digitally transformed businesses. We showed attendees how they could realize the value of the data spread across their organization and how they could plan and scale for the future.

With businesses focused on accelerating data pipelines for analytics and AI, data observability, automation and AI are critical for providing an operational view on trust and to scale digital business. 

We will leverage the power of our CLAIRE AI engine combined with Privitar’s data access management capability to power Informatica IDMC to automate the application of policy-based privacy and access controls, and help accelerate the use of governed and trusted data across the organization.

The Fast-Growing Data Access Management Landscape

I am truly excited about bringing this new capability to Informatica. Data access management (DAM) platforms are emerging as a key solution for helping business users create, enforce, and monitor data policies to automate secure, auditable, and regulatory-compliant access to an enterprise’s data assets and unlock the power of data democratization. 

According to the IDC analyst group, the data access market is estimated to reach $952 million by 2027.1 
At Informatica, we have been watching this space and we know Privitar’s solution is one of the most comprehensive DAM solutions in the market today. It enables organizations to unleash the power of their data without compromising on compliance or customer trust. Adding Privitar's DAM solution to the IDMC platform supports critical, high-growth use cases around cloud analytics, governance, data mesh, and data marketplace. The solution reinforces secure access and privacy controls from a single policy and collaborates workflows to accelerate self-service access to data.  

Informatica has been recognized as a market leader by IDC2 and many others.  Our Intelligent Data Management Cloud connects, unifies and democratizes data to advance business outcomes. Powered by AI, it is the only modern, cloud-native data management platform that can process mission-critical workloads of 54T+ processed cloud transactions per month.  
Privitar and Informatica have always shared a common mission — democratizing data across the enterprise. Jason du Preez, CEO of Privitar said, “Our goal has always been to simplify and secure data access and governance. Together with Informatica, we will enable organizations to unlock the power of their data, use their data securely and confidently control access of that data throughout the enterprise. With data comes responsibility, and we’re making it easier to ensure that the right data reaches approved users when it can make an important impact on business outcomes.”

Next Steps

The acquisition is expected to close in Q3. Then we will focus on integrating the Privitar solution into our market-leading enterprise cloud data management platform—while always ensuring that the result is a seamless experience for our users. I look forward to updating you on our progress.

For more information about this important announcement, please see the press release at https://www.informatica.com/about-us/news/june2023/


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First Published: Jun 14, 2023