Informatica Ranked #1 in Five Markets in New IDC Data Integration and Intelligence Software Market Share Report

#1 in Data Ingestion & Transformation, #1 in Data Quality, #1 in Data Intelligence, #1 in Master Data Management, #1 in Dynamic Data Movement

Last Published: Jun 06, 2023 |
Jim Kruger
Jim Kruger

EVP, Chief Marketing Officer

IDC recently released their “Worldwide Data Integration and Intelligence Software Market Shares, 2022: Controlling Data Amid Uncertainty Report.” According to their research, the worldwide data integration and intelligence (DII) software market grew at 7.1% in current currency to a market size of $8.3 billion in 2022.1

I am happy to report that Informatica, for the seventh year straight, continues to lead the market by capturing 14.8% of the overall market share, outpacing all other vendors in four of the eight submarkets, and led the data intelligence aggregate market. We ranked as the undisputed number one leader in data ingestion and transformation, data quality, dynamic data movement, master data intelligence and data intelligence. Let’s review why.

Figure 1. IDC Market Share Figure, Worldwide Data Integration and Intelligence Software Market Shares, 2022: Controlling Data Amid Uncertainty,” Doc #US49493423, May 2023

Unmatched Innovation and Customer Centricity Fuel Our Market Leadership 

As companies continue to scale their business transformation, mature data management capabilities become essential in fueling their progress — especially if they want to stand out in a crowded market. That’s where Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) comes in. AI-powered and metadata-driven, IDMC provides a comprehensive platform that helps organizations solve for their data-related business challenges so they can effectively compete in today’s digital-first economy.

IDMC steers clear of multiple point solutions, so organizations can effortlessly sidestep the complexities associated with disjointed user experiences, as well as the burdensome task of maintaining separate metadata repositories and applications.

And while we believe our end-to-end data management capabilities help our customers drive data-led success, we are convinced our customer-first approach is a key differentiator. We are committed to continuously innovating and delivering solutions at the department and enterprise levels to accelerate outcomes, manage risks and improve operational efficiencies. Let’s review the unique capabilities Informatica brings to the table that help establish us as the market leader.

What Makes Informatica a Leader

IDMC unifies and democratizes data to advance meaningful results. It’s also the data management cloud that can help distinguish the trailblazers from the status quo. Let’s walk through why we believe Informatica has commanded the DII market share since 2016.

  • Data ingestion and transformation for operations, analytics and AI
    As enterprises embrace multi-cloud to empower data-driven decisions, data ingestion and transformation play a crucial role in supporting their data warehouse/lake, business intelligence (BI), analytics, operational and AI/ML endeavors. In this DII submarket, we excel by offering comprehensive support for both departmental and complex enterprise requirements, providing intuitive no-code experiences as well as coding options and deeper integration with cloud ecosystems. IDMC enables data ingestion and transformation across a wide range of connectivity options, data types and patterns, which help deliver unmatched performance. 

Our high-performance data ingestion capabilities include SQL-native extract, transform, load (ETL), Spark ETL, reverse ETL, mass ingestion, change data capture (CDC), and more, all with cost-performance optimizations. IDMC also supports a diverse array of transformations like data quality, masking, hierarchy, geospatial, B2B and industry-specific transformations. Additionally, IDMC provides the ability to build and invoke custom transformations.

Our AI engine, CLAIRE, leverages rich metadata intelligence to recommend next best transformation, a feature utilized by 90% of our customers. CLAIRE also supports intelligent file parsing, structure discovery, schema drift detection, schema matching, join-key recommendations and more, accelerating data pipeline development by as much as 75%. Furthermore, IDMC offers a zero-cost data loader and self-service data preparation tools to support departmental workloads and use cases.

  • Data quality for reliable and trustworthy business decisions
    As organizations modernize their data practices in the cloud, data quality and observability become increasingly important in delivering high-quality, reliable data to power business decisions. We believe we lead this DII submarket because of our unique ability to natively integrate data quality across our data management services, from discovery to remediation at a petabyte scale.

CLAIRE makes this possible by automating the detection of hard-to-find data quality issues and recommending and generating data quality rules, including NLP-based rule generation, to resolve data quality issues quickly. IDMC also delivers continuous data observability to monitor data quality issues, data pipelines and processes to help prevent outages and meet predictable service level agreements (SLAs). In fact, according to some of our customers, IDMC can reduce data processing errors by as much as 99% and save hundreds of hours with automation. This alone can give you a much-needed competitive edge.

  • Dynamic data movement for faster decisions and rapid time-to-value
    As data and application fragmentation continue to explode, enterprises face the need to dynamically move essential data to support frontline users, backend processes and other functions to enable faster decision making. In this DII submarket, we stand out by offering comprehensive support for virtually all data movement patterns including bulk, streaming, log-based CDC and timestamp-based replication. The best part? All these patterns are delivered through a user-friendly, wizard-based experience, which means no extensive coding knowledge is necessary.

Plus, IDMC excels in efficient CDC capture, guaranteed delivery semantics, seamless switching across patterns, automated staging, auto merging and more. This helps ensure that data is delivered promptly to virtually all applications and users. Case in point: Recent IDMC benchmarks have demonstrated outstanding performance, including the replication of 400 million rows of CDC per day and loading 1TB of data within a mere two hours.

  • Master data intelligence for harnessing the power of master data
    Given our demanding climate, more industries are turning to master data to create a single trusted source to comply with regulations and streamline processes across suppliers, products, customers and more. Master data intelligence is crucial to unlocking the full potential of master data across the enterprise and various domains. We lead this DII submarket with our unique ability to provide an integrated approach to master data management (MDM) that encompasses data integration, master data quality, master data governance and metadata intelligence. Our cloud-native, intelligent, all-in-one multidomain MDM and 360 applications enable businesses to connect data for a contextual 360-degree view and insights. This helps organizations optimize costs, achieve regulatory compliance and boost productivity. For example, some of our enterprise customers have reported an increase in efficiency by as much as 85% by using ready-to-use applications and industry extensions.
  • Data intelligence is underpinned by metadata management for greater literacy, productivity and compliance
    Metadata is the foundation for effective utilization of data within any organization. It informs data consumers in decision making and enhances the productivity of data suppliers. Organizational metadata encompasses lineage, glossaries, domains, policies and more. We demonstrate our leadership in this DII submarket through our ability to deliver over 50,000 metadata-aware connectors and a centralized metadata repository across virtually all data management services. This allows for the automation of numerous data management tasks by leveraging AI/ML to activate metadata, which significantly reduces manual efforts and boosts productivity. Plus, our CLAIRE models are trained on 14+ petabytes of multi-tenant metadata including structures, associations, lineage and code. This empowers enterprises to derive intelligence from thousands of integration pipeline, quality, master data management and governance solutions deployed on IDMC.

Learn How Informatica Helps Bring Your Data to Life

As the DII market leader, Informatica is committed to providing the tools necessary to help you succeed in today’s digital-first landscape. Ready to explore the latest innovations in AI-powered cloud data management?


1Source: IDC, “Worldwide Data Integration and Intelligence Software Market Shares, 2022: Controlling Data Amid Uncertainty,” Doc #US49493423, May 2023

First Published: Jun 06, 2023