How You Can Modernize to the Cloud with Global System Integrators

Last Published: Dec 22, 2021 |
Ron Long
Ron Long

Director, GSI Product Marketing

Why Cloud Now?

The cloud has become the essential technology for companies to collect, integrate, and process data. According to KPMG, 80% of CEOs say the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation.1 Enterprises are transforming their businesses by modernizing to take advantage of the cloud for both data analysis and scale. But common data management mistakes can hinder them on their journey to analytics modernization and ROI. A combination of on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments often result in siloed resources, data fragmentation, and complexity, which make it challenging to achieve goals such as enhancing the customer experience and driving supply chain efficiencies.  

How are global system integrators enabling the shift to cloud?

Global system integrators (GSIs) can help organizations overcome these hurdles. GSIs design complex cloud-based systems for enterprise customers. With their technology expertise and deep understanding of business needs, GSIs are driving transformation initiatives that help enterprises accelerate their new digital businesses. They are now the go-to partner for enabling enterprise cloud modernization business transformations.

GSI services themselves are transforming from “application development” to “application modernization.” They are also integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies—such as Informatica’s enterprise data management powered by CLAIRE, our AI engine—into their service offerings to create intelligent, adaptable platforms that can grow with enterprise business needs and accelerate data-driven decision-making.

Additionally, GSIs are investing in multi-cloud services and initiatives. Deloitte has established a Cloud Services Portfolio that includes the major cloud providers. Deloitte is also focusing on cloud modernization services by building accelerators that enable their customers to realize time to value for their cloud-based businesses.

How One Customer Accelerated Their Move to the Cloud

A BlueCross BlueShield health insurance provider serving 3.3 million individuals and groups in Maryland and the Washington D.C. metropolitan area needed to modernize in the cloud. Its business goal was to radically improve the membership experience and enter the Medicare business by moving to a cloud-based Member Experience Portal.

The provider needed to transform a legacy, on-premises data warehouse and data integration solution into an end-to-end customer experience data cloud. Through the collective partnership between Deloitte, Snowflake, and Informatica, they migrated to a cloud-based portal in less than two months.

Collective partnerships between GSIs, cloud providers, and Informatica are accelerating enterprise cloud digital transformations to effectively help customers reach their business goals quickly.

How can Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud Help Accelerate GSI Cloud Integration?

The Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) provides a platform for multi-cloud data management with AI/ML built in. It provides data privacy, data governance, and master data management for a full integrated view of an enterprise’s customers, products, and services.

The platform is powered by a low-code/no-code, cloud-native interface that provides GSIs with a platform for building and managing multiple application modernization initiatives for their enterprise customer’s cloud integration needs.

GSIs can build cloud-native application accelerators for their customers with integrated solutions that include the cloud providers, GSI Services, and Informatica’s IDMC.

GSIs can now help enterprises choose a cloud provider or multiple cloud providers to modernize their environments and use IDMC as the cloud integration platform. This enables enterprises to focus on driving business value – instead of technology integration and management.

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First Published: Dec 22, 2021