Informatica Ranked #1 as the Top Data Engineering Vendor

Last Published: Feb 28, 2023 |
Ruma Sanyal
Ruma Sanyal

Senior Director, Product Marketing 

I’m excited to share that Informatica has been ranked the #1 vendor in the 2023 Data Engineering Market Study by Dresner Advisory Services. Based on research conducted with over 6,000 global organizations, this report rates vendors on three key features: development and usability, process and transformation of data, and data sources and targets.

Why is this recognition significant? Data engineering is the process of discovering, designing and building the data pipelines that help data owners and data users use and analyze raw data from multiple sources and formats for analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) consumption. This allows businesses to use the data to make critical business decisions. Without data engineering, it would be impossible to make sense of the torrents of data that businesses are inundated with every day. 

This is why 77% of survey respondents indicate data engineering is critical or very important and 65% state that their organizations use data engineering capabilities today. Having a sound data engineering strategy is essential for managerial decision-making, improving operational efficiency and ultimately enhancing financial performance.  

We couldn’t agree more. Informatica empowers businesses to realize transformative outcomes by bringing their data to life. Through our Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC), companies are turning chaotic data into a trusted resource — which turns into the actionable insights that fuel innovation. 

Informatica is also the only cloud-native data engineering vendor that provides tools for all skillsets, including data engineers, analytics engineers, data analysts, data architects, low code / no code developers and data scientists. 

We believe our strategy and focus are the key reasons we are recognized as the leader in this report.

Your Choice of a Data Engineering Partner Makes a Difference 

According to the study, the effectiveness of data engineering approaches can materially affect the overall success of your business intelligence (BI) initiative. Only 26% of survey respondents rate their current approach to data engineering as highly effective, while 18% of respondents rate their current approach as somewhat or totally ineffective. Fifty-seven percent rate their current approach to data engineering as somewhat effective.  

This is because as technological advancement makes overall data processing simpler, data requirements are getting more complex. The success of data engineering must take advantage of modern technologies, such as data mesh and data fabric, to make processes scalable, reusable and adaptable. To do this well, you need a solution for cloud data warehouses and data lakes across multiple cloud service providers and on-premises to meet all data processing needs. 

In a nutshell, you need easy, efficient and cost-effective data engineering for virtually everyone, everywhere.

Data engineering can help you automate and simplify tasks related to data management — across discovery, integration, cleansing, governance and the mastering of data. Case in point: Most respondents in the study say they employ their data engineering capabilities for data integration, cleansing and transformation workflows for data warehouses supporting dashboards and reporting. Plus, AI and machine learning (ML) improve data understanding and identify data privacy and quality anomalies. 

These are all non-negotiables. It’s a lot to ask. But it’s also necessary to drive business transformation.

Your Data Engineering Vision Converted to a Reality With Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud 

The Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) supports the key fundamentals of data engineering, including data discovery and lineage, data ingestion, data processing and data quality. We believe IDMC, a single, comprehensive cloud, offers key strengths that make Informatica an ideal partner, including the ability to:

  • Enjoy support for modern frameworks and data engineering trends like data observability, data mesh, data fabric, modern data stack, lakehouse and modernizing to super clouds 
  • Gain elastic scale to meet business demands and optimize, govern and control cloud costs with FinOps
  • Choose any cloud services at any time across IDMC as your requirements change with Informatica Processing Units (IPU) 
  • Build a foundation for analytics, AI, ML and data science initiatives that support both batch and streaming data 
  • Solve problems and inform critical business decisions that accelerate innovation
  • Operationalize virtually any AI/ML model to put AI into action
  • Improve productivity of data engineers by simplifying the development and maintenance of complex data pipelines 

Other critical attributes of IDMC include:  

Innovation-forward: IDMC is powered by CLAIRE®, our metadata-driven AI and ML engine, which learns a company’s data landscape to automate manual tasks and provide recommendations and insights. We continue to add new features to this service, including data discovery, smart tagging, schema validation and entity matching. 

Reliability, scalability and security: IDMC scales to meet the needs of your business by processing over 53 trillion transactions per month and over 18 petabytes of active metadata (and growing) with unprecedented reliability and security. Our cloud security program maintains the most stringent cloud security certificates and adheres to key industry standards to minimize risks and safeguard your data.

Broad ecosystem support: We believe that IDMC gives you the flexibility required in today’s multi-cloud, multi-hybrid technology landscape. Cloud-agnostic and vendor-neutral, IDMC supports virtually any cloud ecosystem, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, Oracle Cloud, Databricks and more.

Industry-specific solutions: IDMC delivers several industry-specific data management clouds for financial services, healthcare and life sciences, retail, insurance, higher education, and state and local governments to address your unique challenges.

Secure and trusted: IDMC is built with performance, reliability and security at its core to protect your most valuable asset, your data. We continuously add to our list of externally validated certifications, assessments and standards to keep your data safe.

Next Steps 

It’s clear there’s a growing demand for data engineering. Get on board or risk falling behind the competition. Download a copy of the 2023 Dresner Advisory Services Data Engineering Market Study for an in-depth analysis on trends, use cases and vendor ratings.

First Published: Feb 28, 2023