Improve service delivery and enhance decision-making by creating a single, trusted view of data about citizens, programs, departments, providers, and employees.

Do you trust that you have all the information you need to make critical decisions? Are you confident that the data you do have is accurate? Since the beginning of the digital era, government agencies have been collecting and storing data in systems built for specific tasks or programs. The ability to share data across these systems gives government the opportunity to improve how it conducts business. Bringing data together from multiple sources offers agencies unprecedented insight into citizens, programs, services, departments, organizations, providers, and employees.

But for this to work successfully, you must be able to trust the data. Without trust, you open yourself and your agency to a variety of problems:

  • Poor service or program delivery, resulting in underserved, dissatisfied citizens
  • Opportunities for fraud, waste, and abuse, resulting in cost inefficiencies
  • Security lapses, resulting in data breaches and loss of confidence
  • Challenges meeting compliance initiatives and mandates, resulting in bad press or budget reductions.

To address these challenges, you need to create a single, trusted view of data by mastering your mission-critical, operational data. Not only will mastering data ensure accuracy and completeness, you’ll also expose relationships among the mastered entities, such as between people, programs, and supplies.

Informatica’s solution takes information from multiple sources and creates a complete, accurate, and reliable master record. The software identifies the data and then provides visibility into discovered relationships—even when that data is stored in different formats. It transforms inconsistent, duplicate, and conflicting data into a single version of the truth—a golden record of all the critical entities associated with your agency or program.

With a single, trusted view of all data, your agency can keep up with increased demand for services, security threats, and pressures to increase efficiency and transparency.

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