Data Management

Take Control of Data and Increase Business Agility with Informatica Data Management Solutions.

Many enterprises are overwhelmed by the complexity and cost of their data management infrastructures. Data is fragmented across hundreds or thousands of siloed applications and data sources. Data management architectures are brittle and complex. Data privacy is at risk. And the sheer volume of data housed in enterprise systems continues to grow at a staggering rate, making everyday data management tasks ever more cumbersome and costly. How much time and money—and how many business opportunities—are lost due to the lack of a comprehensive data management strategy?

Informatica Data Management solutions offer an efficient, sustainable, and long-term strategy for implementing data management in your environment. Data Management solutions are designed to simplify your data management infrastructure and create a flexible data management architecture so that you can:

  • Maximize your IT organization’s operational efficiencies
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve security
  • Lower risk

Reduce Integration Cost and Complexity with Data Management Solutions

Informatica Data Management solutions enable organizations to create a flexible data integration architecture. Reusable data integration and data management services connect applications and data sources across your enterprise, across partner systems, and across cloud applications, reducing complexity and cost. And robust data management policies, such as for data quality, data privacy or data retention, can be universally applied to ensure you can meet SLAs and compliance requirements.

Optimize Application and Data Warehouse Performance and Costs with Data Management Solutions

Informatica Data Management solutions enable organizations to manage data growth in both transactional and analytical applications. By combining Informatica’s database archiving and test data management technology, applications become lean, performance improves, data warehousing costs are reduced, archiving is simplified, and business agility is increased.

Retire Legacy and Redundant Applications Using Data Management Solutions

With Informatica Data Management solutions, you can decommission redundant legacy applications, eliminating associated overhead while maintaining easy access to data that needs to be retained. Informatica Data Management also enables the establishment and automation of data retention and destruction policies, allowing for more effective compliance.

Ensure Compliance with Data Management Solutions

In an era of increased regulatory pressures, Informatica Data Management solutions ensure that sensitive and private data remains confidential. With comprehensive data privacy capabilities, Informatica ensures data in both production and non-production systems is protected, reducing the risk of data breach.