ETL: Extract Transform Load

The Informatica Platform Simplifies Your ETL Processes

Initiate ETL Projects Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Serving as the foundation for all data integration projects, the Informatica Platform lets IT organizations initiate the ETL process from virtually any business system, in any format. As part of the Informatica Platform, Informatica PowerCenter delivers robust yet easy-to-use Enterprise ETL capabilities that simplify development and deployment. PowerCenter Express, a free version of PowerCenter that can be downloaded in 10 minutes, is available to support the ETL needs of smaller departmental data marts and data warehouses. Because both these products, and all the products on the Informatica Platform are powered by Vibe™, the ETL work done on one project can be reused on another.

Enhance ETL with Universal Data Access Capabilities

PowerCenter improves the flexibility of your ETL process with the ability to extract more enterprise data-types than any other technology on the market. Complemented by Informatica PowerExchange, PowerCenter Options, PowerCenter Express, and Informatica Cloud, the Informatica Platform delivers successful ETL initiatives with access to virtually any enterprise data-type, including:

  • Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data
  • Relational, mainframe, file, and standards-based data
  • Message queue data
  • Automate most ETL processes for fewer errors and greater productivity

PowerCenter makes your ETL developers' jobs easier with cross-functional tools, reusable components, and an enterprise-wide platform that automates many ETL processes. For data warehousing and ETL developers, that means fewer ETL errors and emergency fixes, less risk of rework, faster development time, and greater productivity.

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