Informatica’s Generative AI Technology Embedded in Cloud Data Management Platform Transforms Access to Data by Putting Technology in the Hands of Every Business User

New product innovations prepare data management for AI and democratize instantaneous AI-powered data across the enterprise

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 21, 2024 Informatica (NYSE: INFA), an enterprise cloud data management leader, unveiled new product innovations designed to democratize generative AI (GenAI) across the enterprise with secure instantaneous access to data insights. The two product announcements were made at Informatica World currently underway in Las Vegas:

  • Embed GenAI into every facet of data management with CLAIRE GPT
  • Empower users to develop and deploy GenAI applications built on trusted data foundations

Successful GenAI is completely reliant on successful data management – integrated, end-to-end solutions that produce ‘Ready Data’ that drives more personalized experiences, better automation and more accurate decisions. Data management remains a deeply fractured and splintered market, a problem only expected to worsen throughout 2024. In a recent survey of 600 global Chief Data Officers, Informatica found nearly 6 in 10 (58%) reported they need five or more data management tools to manage their data estates.

“We anticipated the market direction more than four years before this current AI hype cycle with our CLAIRE solution, the backbone of our AI platform and products,” said Amit Walia, CEO at Informatica. “With the infusion of GenAI into the very fabric of our cloud-only offerings, we’ve elevated the industry standard and leveraged the simplicity and intuitiveness of the technology to deliver actionable insights within seconds to our customers.”

Barbara Latulippe, Chief Data Officer at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, commented "The seamless integration of trusted data and reliable AI is essential. With the incorporation of generative AI into our systems, it further enhances accessibility to data, facilitates the discovery of valuable insights and contributes to the overall efficiency and productivity of our organization.”

Embed GenAI across every layer of the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) with the next generation of CLAIRE to simplify and accelerate data management

System-level information or metadata continues to be siloed within application and department-level repositories. With CLAIRE GPT, Informatica uses an organization's metadata system of record to incorporate information about the enterprise data assets to allow users to talk to their data. Key benefits include:

  • Democratize data access: help users find, access and interact with their data through an intuitive natural language interface
  • Increase productivity through automation, time savings and efficiency gains
  • Accelerate data-driven decisions with self-service exploration of data estates
  • Data security and privacy through Informatica-hosted LLMs
  • Enhanced CLAIRE GPT capabilities: features such as multistep reasoning will break down complex data management operations into digestible tasks
  • Self-Service for business users: Enable non-technical business users to find and understand data on their own by abstracting away the need for SQL
  • CLAIRE copilot infused across every bespoke service of IDMC: CLAIRE copilot will support natural language capabilities to make it even easier to get recommendations for data integration, application integration, data quality, and data governance.
  • CLAIRE GPT is the first GenAI-powered data management assistant grounded by enterprise metadata intelligence leveraging core IDMC capabilities. Today, Informatica is the only data management leader focused on creating an organization specific metadata system of record. 
  • CLAIRE GPT is currently available in North America.

Katie Germano, Director of Healthcare Analytics at SSM Health said, “CLAIRE GPT can strategically be deployed to help our clinical teams find information that would historically require IT ticket requests. For example, our Chief Medical Information Officers will be able to easily find how many orthopedic providers are in network to ensure that the health system is meeting patient needs while having the appropriate coverage.”

GenAI is enabled in business processes and data pipelines with low-code/no-code interface transforming access to data to provide actionable insights in a matter of seconds

Powered by IDMC’s built-in data management capabilities – such as application and data integration – users can effortlessly create no-code, enterprise-ready GenAI applications or augment GenAI features into existing tools in seconds instead of days. Key benefits include:

  • Democratize GenAI: broaden userbase that can create GenAI applications without extensive coding or programming knowledge. Cloud Application Integration updated to enable building no-code GenAI apps that support patterns like prompt engineering, RAG, ReAct AI agents. Supports a wide range of popular LLMs and VectorDBs. Enterprise-grade scalability, SDLC and governance features.
  • Ground GenAI applications: contextualize tools with trusted data and built-in security and governance. New capabilities for chunking, embedding, and ingestion into Vector DBs so that the LLMs can be contextualized/grounded on enterprise data.
  • LLM agnostic: futureproof by avoiding a reliance on a single LLM, easily navigate any model from hyperscalers to smaller providers with out-of-the-box LLM Connectors
  • Accelerate time to market: leverage customizable templates, pre-built recipes and intuitive, drag-and-drop interfaces to kickstart prototyping, testing and deployment of new or existing applications
  • Unstructured data: IDMC will soon support sources like documents, images, and video, with full integration across IDMC (CDAM policies, DQ rules, catalog, integration pipelines, etc.). Expanding the metadata system of record to include unstructured data.

“As enterprises look to harness the tailwinds of generative AI, many business leaders are faced with a harsh reality – they might be ready, but their data is not,” said Stewart Bond, Vice President, Data Intelligence and Integration Software, IDC. “This is just a new iteration of an old data management problem, one that Informatica has been helping solve for 30 years. In this new tech frontier, their experience combined with a product suite that embeds AI and generative AI at its core will continue to make them a valuable partner on this journey.”

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