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“We are now one step closer to establishing a comprehensive homelessness data system to capture local information, understand the services being provided to individuals experiencing homelessness and measure our progress.”

Lourdes Castro Ramírez

California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency Secretary

See how local governments are meeting citizen needs

  • Citizen experience
  • Social programs
  • Privacy and compliance
  • Societal issues
  • Citizen safety
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Citizen experience
Social programs
Privacy and compliance
Societal issues
Citizen safety

Learn how NYC Health improves quality of patient care by arming healthcare workers with data tools to better surveil and analyze.

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Unify citizen data

Ensure reliable digital services and reduce fraud risk with a unified view of citizen data across departments and agencies.

Deliver timely solutions

Unlock and integrate data from legacy systems to actively respond to citizen needs and deliver timely services.

Improve decision-making

Leverage actionable, comprehensive citizen data for informed decisions, faster responses and improved service quality.

See how the State of California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency succeeded in their mission to help the homeless.

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Identify cost-saving opportunities

Automate data discovery and management to quickly identify areas for cost reduction and operational streamlining.

Enhance citizen connections

Improve connections to vital programs like healthcare with data quality enhancements, ensuring accurate information.

Enhance service delivery

Improve service delivery with trusted data, integrating and analyzing data across agencies for quick, efficient outcomes.

Learn how the UK Department of Transport improves safety by using data governance to enable high-quality data for informed decision-making.

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Support regulatory compliance

Protect citizen information and support compliance with regulations like CCPA, SOC2, TX-RAMP and FedRAMP.

Safeguard citizen data

Leverage unified governance solutions to protect citizen data and support regulatory standards.

Strengthen privacy

Achieve privacy and compliance goals while enabling safe data democratization and responsible use.

See how the Florida Department of Law Enforcement collaborates with local, state and federal criminal justice agencies to protect Florida citizens.

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Boost inter-agency collaboration

Improve visibility and enhance collaboration across agencies on societal issues with new citizen services.

Drive inclusive programs

Support diverse needs and evaluate societal impact by managing crucial demographic data for inclusive programs.

Enhance policymaking

Improve accessibility of data to measure program outcomes and manage target populations with a data-driven approach.

Discover how UNC Health enabled more efficient systemwide responses to health crises with data management and data governance solutions

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Strengthen crisis response and management

Streamline data collection for timely decision-making during crises, improving assistance to vulnerable populations.

Drive community-oriented policing

Facilitate secure data exchange to improve collaboration between government and law enforcement agencies.

Improve situational awareness

Enable decision-making with trusted data, enhancing visibility and real-time analysis for quick responses to safety concerns.

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Informatica equips state and local governments with robust data management tools that unify data silos, enhance citizen services and enable insightful analytics for smarter governance and operational excellence.

Learn how data management transforms state and local government

Absolutely. Informatica solutions are highly adaptable and designed to meet the specific data management needs of various government agencies, ensuring compliance, efficiency and effective service delivery.

Learn how Informatica tailors data management solutions to meet the unique needs of state and local government

Informatica ensures data privacy with secure, compliant solutions that align with government standards, safeguarding against data breaches and ensuring trust.

Learn more about government data management with Informatica privacy and compliance solutions

Cloud-based data management provides government agencies with flexible, secure and cost-effective solutions that enhance collaboration, streamline operations and drive innovation in citizen services.

Learn how Informatica empowers government agencies with trusted data governance

Informatica analytics and data validation processes help government bodies to identify and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring the integrity of payments and optimizing the allocation of public funds.

Discover how Informatica master data management helps curb fraud in government programs

Improve citizens' lives and make better policy decisions

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