Enabling Analytics for Public Sector

Better achieve your agency’s mission by converting raw data into the great data needed to power all your analytics initiatives.

Steeped in data and armed with some of the best analytics tools available today—such as self-service data visualization tools, data warehouse appliances, and Hadoop—your agency is becoming more data-driven than ever. And better insights equal better decisions.

However, truly better insight requires more than just a visualization tool. Accurate insight depends on the state of your data. Ask yourself: Are you confident that the data being fed into your analytics environment is great data? Is it accurate? Is it complete? Is it timely? Is it worthy of your trust?

If you are uncomfortable with any of these questions, you may not be generating the insights you believe you are. You may be making mission-critical decisions based on faulty information.

What’s at risk?

  • Not fully achieving your mission, like underserving citizens, constituents, and government workers.
  • Enacting inefficient processes that waste time and money.
  • Coming up with incorrect predictions that leave you unprepared for the future.

Does your agency have its data situation under control? What does it take for your team to refine raw data into something useful? What does the process look like to access and ingest, parse and prepare, discover and profile, transform and cleanse, and extract and deliver data of all types?Typically, 80 percent of a data scientist’s time is spent preparing the data for analysis—not on the analysis itself.

There’s a better way.

Get to the more valuable work of asking and answering questions. To do this, you need a comprehensive enterprise data management platform, one capable of addressing the challenges of creating and delivering great data to all those who need it.

The Informatica Intelligent Data Platform is the right tool for the job.

Regardless of the target (such as visualization tools, data warehouses, or big data systems),your raw data from practically any source (like legacy systems, transactional systems, social media, or the Internet of Things) or any location (whether on premise or in the cloud), will be turned into great data that’s delivered securely where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.