The Journey to the Cloud for Public Sector

Keep up with the speed of change required of government by leveraging the agility of the cloud.

Are you getting the most out of your IT budget while supporting your agency’s mission? Most government IT professionals agree that those who leverage the cloud with on-premise solutions will be poised to save billions of dollars per year. But wanting to get there and actually getting there are two different things. An agency cannot just “go offline” and rebuild its applications and infrastructure in the cloud. It must do so incrementally, usually without any service interruptions.

New equipment, new locations, new telecomm, new applications, new access models—these are all tough challenges, however, one of the thorniest challenges is your data. Throughout all these changes, you must be able to rapidly move data from application to application, from data center to data center, from on premise to the cloud— even from production to archive. The risks of getting this wrong are too great to ignore. Are you willing to trust the movement and integrity of your data to custom throwaway code?

As agencies wrestle with antiquated IT systems and increasing volumes of data, the journey to the cloud can seem too difficult. Yet, the promise of saving billions of dollars per year is compelling enough to stay the course.

To help guide you on your way to the cloud, Informatica offers a proven data-integration platform that addresses your data needs during and after your migration, consolidation, or rationalization. Your data will get where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, in the format it needs to be in.