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TX-RAMP Certified

Informatica achieves TX-RAMP Level 2 Certification

State and local government agencies should make TX-RAMP-compliant, cloud-native data management a priority when modernizing operations to the cloud.


Intelligent cloud data management solutions for state and local agencies

Better serve citizens, make smarter policy decisions and create a more transparent government with an enterprise view of trusted data.


Enable digital services with a complete view of citizen data

Modernize your legacy information systems and integrate data to enable end-to-end digital citizen services.

Learn how a state department of human services improved digital citizen access by combining data from 24 local agencies.

Enhance services and enable efficient delivery with trusted data

Connect citizens to needed services quickly and efficiently by integrating, managing and analyzing data across your agencies.

See how Texas’s HHS agency connected 200 social programs to people in need by linking the records of 4.2 million citizens.

Ensure your constituent data is accurate and protected

Protect your citizen information and comply with regulations by creating a secure, anonymized view of data and operationalizing data governance at scale.

Learn how the UK Department of Transport improves safety by using data governance to enable high-quality data for more informed decision-making.

Drive progress by improving visibility across agencies

Bring greater visibility across your agencies and improve collaboration and decision-making with a single view of trusted, just-in-time data.

See how Community Technology Alliance supported California’s homeless with integrated data to match clients with resources.

Quickly integrate, cleanse and share data to respond ably to crises

Strengthen your citizen engagement and improve crisis management with a unified view of people, objects, locations and more across your agencies.

Discover how UNC Health enabled a more efficient systemwide response to health crises with data management and data governance solutions.

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California reinforces its aim to end homelessness with data


Learn how trusted data transforms agencies


Enhance Citizen Services and Power Government Innovation with Connected Data

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Enable Data Protection and Transparency in Government Agencies

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Improve Agency Effectiveness and Reduce Risk

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Driving digital transformation in state and local government

Accelerate your state and local government initiatives and solve your most pressing data challenges with industry-leading solutions.

Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Fuel your agency data with a cloud-enabled, AI-powered data management solution.

MDM & 360 Solutions

Deliver better business outcomes by turning an ocean of data into a 360-degree view of your business.

Data Governance and Privacy

Govern data to optimize value, reduce operational costs and mitigate compliance risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Govern sensitive and confidential data for regulatory compliance and policy mandates.

Data Catalog

Discover, classify and organize data assets across your agency to maximize data value.

Data Quality and Observability

Ensure consistently high data quality across your cloud and on-premises data sources.

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