Simplify Analytics Architecture

Replace complex point-to-point data integrations with a simplified, managed, and governed data architecture.


For decades, infrastructure has evolved to support changing analytics requirements—whether it is setting up a departmental or enterprise data warehouse to support reporting needs, a data lake next to a data warehouse to deliver new insights, or an appliance to improve performance. As a result, there is a proliferation of integrations that has created an integration "hairball."



Cutting down on complexity

Successful data-driven digital transformation requires a modern approach to integrating complex data ecosystems. A new paradigm—the data integration hub—simplifies the integration mess and delivers a more efficient architecture. A modern, streamlined approach to data integration enables you to manage your data as the valuable, strategic asset it is. 

Streamlined approach

Informatica has simplified access to analytics with an organized, efficient, and productive modern publish/subscribe data hub letting organizations orchestrate data integration with self-service access available for distributed teams.



Customer Success Stories

Humana relies on Informatica Data Integration hub to...

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Enhancing service quality and efficiency across the...

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Rabobank moves closer to its goal of 80% online services...

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