INFACore: Radically simplify data pipeline development

Use open, embeddable and extensible headless data management APIs and SDKs for data engineering.

Develop complex data pipelines with ease

Empower your low-code developers to efficiently build robust data applications.

Increase productivity 

Fuel developer productivity with software development kits and IDE extensions.

Reduce complexity

Use rapid prototyping with out-of-the box features for complex data integration tasks.

Improve collaboration

Maximize reusability of data assets and promote better collaboration between teams.

Boost data engineering productivity

Design your company’s data applications within your favorite IDE.

Simplify advanced data transformation
Access your data quickly using native connectors with out-of-the-box connectivity.

Use intuitive IDE plug-ins and extensions 
Give users a blended, no-code UI to auto-generate and ensure best practices in coding.

Secure data access with an API layer 
Access Intelligent Data Management Cloud’s capabilities using powerful APIs.

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Streamline your data pipeline projects with INFACore

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Your essential INFACore resources


INFACore and Informatica Data Management Capabilities

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Empower Low-Code Developers to Build Robust Data Applications 

Analyst Report


Four Steps to Analytics Governance: How to Uplevel Trust

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