Informatica Cloud Test Drive for AWS Redshift

Power Your AWS Data Lake with AI-Driven Data Management

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Replicate data to achieve rapid data warehousing with Redshift

The growth of cloud applications such as Salesforce has resulted in the need for more accurate insights into customer behavior. Replicating this data into a cloud data warehouse such as Redshift is the first step. Informatica Cloud’s Data Replication service replicates Salesforce data to any database. By using change detection capabilities to only move those Salesforce objects which have changed, vast amounts of bulk data are moved efficiently.

Create staging area hotspots to transform data faster

Many companies operate in a hybrid environment where on-premise apps coexist with cloud apps and unstructured data sources. This data needs to be put into a staging area so that it can be cleaned and transformed before being loaded into Redshift. Informatica Cloud’s broad array of connectivity allows this data to be staged in RDS, where it can be transformed before being loaded into Redshift.


Seamless production of data integration workflows for cloud BI tools

Data Integration and Business Intelligence teams are very often siloed away, causing delays in reporting to business stakeholders. Through the power of Informatica Cloud’s Mapping Designer, complex joins and aggregations from Redshift can be performed quickly so that a cloud BI tool such as Tableau can be used to gain the rapid insights that business stakeholders require.


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