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Business intelligence dashboards add little value if the data powering them is unreliable. Informatica Cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) lets you glean the greatest insights from the most robust and reliable Power BI dashboards by connecting only clean, connected, and secure data from across your organization’s back-office, cloud, and on-premises systems.

With Informatica Cloud, you can: 

  • Unlock the power of your data with pre-built connectivity to hundreds of cloud, on-premises, mobile, and social apps.
  • Make decisions more quickly with automated tasks and scheduled data workflows that refresh as new data is available.
  • Provide self-service access to all users with easy-to-use wizard-based replication services and a point-and-click mapping interface to source, sync, and schedule data from disparate sources.

Power BI Sales Management for Salesforce Solution Template

The Informatica for Power BI - Sales Management for Salesforce solution template makes it easy for all users to integrate and synchronize Salesforce data into new Power BI dashboards for deeper insights with just a few clicks. The template includes:

  • A free 90-day Informatica Cloud Services license
  • Automated migration of Salesforce data into Azure SQL or SQL Server, including Bulk API access
  • A cloud-hosted agent for seamless cloud-to-cloud integration without the need for software installation
  • Wizard-based data replication services to quickly and easily move the data you need (including incremental extracts)  
  • Automatic deployment and operations of integration jobs on Informatica Cloud

Jump-start big data analytics projects

Informatica’s HDInsight Quickstart offering for Azure offers a faster path to big data analytics projects. Spin up an enterprise-grade, fully integrated solution in just a few clicks. Save time by simplifying big data analytics projects by instantly deploying Microsoft HDInsight, Azure Blob Storage, Power BI, and Informatica Cloud with all connections and configurations pre-built.

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