Data Replication and Fast Clone

Database-agnostic replication technology that dramatically improves the availability of data across your organization

Informatica Data Replication products offer reliable, high-performance, and low-latency capabilities that are economical, easy to implement, and nonintrusive. 

Informatica Data Replication

Informatica Data Replication is database-agnostic, real-time transaction replication software that’s highly scalable, reliable, and nondisruptive to the performance of operational source systems. It enables IT organizations to provide the business with access to the most current data—irrespective of the complexity and diversity of the IT landscape.

Fast Clone

Informatica Fast Clone quickly unloads and extracts Oracle data into a universally portable format for movement into a variety of target systems. It allows high-speed cloning into a host of other databases, data warehouses, analytical appliances, and Big Data stores such as Hadoop. 

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