Omnichannel Product Data

 Provide clear and holistic product data to aid the product research and purchase journey.

Fuel online and mobile applications

Providing purchasing options across mobile and online channels is a must in today's retail environment. Cart abandonment rates are near 70%, largely because customers are not confident in what they're purchasing. Increase sales conversions with detailed, yet easy to understand product data.


Enhance supplier collaboration

Clean and clear product data drives sales. But data formatting and definitions vary by supplier, taking valuable time and resources to clean up. Informatica MDM – Product 360 helps establish clear criteria for product information, so you can focus on marketing and sales strategies instead of manual data management.

Improve product time-to-market

Being first to market can be a competitive advantage for retailers. But nothing slows down product roll-outs more than siloed data. By sharing product data across merchandizing, sales, and marketing teams, retailers can ensure consistency across the organization and roll out products faster.


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