Increase Performance with Optimal Use of Database Resources

The Informatica PowerCenter Pushdown Optimization Option enables data transformation processing, where appropriate, to be pushed down into any relational database to make the best use of database assets. In most instances, the Informatica PowerCenter data server functions as the engine behind data processing. When both source and target data are co-resident in a relational database, processing can be pushed down into that database. This option optimizes the performance of your IT systems in response to changing run-time demands, peak processing needs, or other dynamic aspects of the production environment. With this option, Informatica PowerCenter is the first data integration software on the market to offer a choice of where data processing occurs.

  • Increase IT systems’ flexibility, cost-effective scalability, and performance
  • Adapt easily to changing business conditions, enhancing IT's agility and flexibility
  • Boost developer productivity by allowing developers to control where processing takes place and create and execute database-specific transformation language by simply selecting pushdown optimization in the Informatica PowerCenter interface

Informatica PowerCenter Pushdown Optimization Key Features

  • Automatic generation and pushdown of mapping logic to shift data transformation processing to the most appropriate processing resource
  • Database neutrality to automatically leverage database resources and end reliance on database-specific programming to exploit processing power
  • Single design environment with easy-to-use interface for decoupling data transformation logic from the physical execution plan, controlling where processing takes place, and dynamically creating and executing database-specific transformation language