Address validation is a crucial part of every data quality strategy. AddressDoctor by Informatica reduces shipping costs, increases productivity, and streamlines business processes by providing global address validation from within any Informatica application or as a stand-alone address verification solution.

Whether your global address data is in a CRM system, online shop, or database, AddressDoctor by Informatica parses, cleanses, and standardizes it, then appends accurate geocodes and consumer segmentation codes for specific countries. The world's leading solution for certified address verification and correction, AddressDoctor has been setting the highest standards since 1991 for international address validation quality, performance, and expertise.

  • Optimize the accuracy of your company's global address data by using the only software with all five postal certifications in one engine
  • Increase the effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns by ensuring that offers reach customers and prospects at their correct addresses in a timely manner
  • Enhance customer service by improving the quality of customer address data via address validation
  • Maximize IT efficiency while minimizing IT costs by implementing address standardization and address validation as part of broader data integration initiatives

Even in the digital age, accurate physical addresses are still a key piece of business data — to reach customers and prospects, to manage the supply chain, to place orders, and make deliveries. AddressDoctor parses, cleanses, and standardizes address data and appends country-specific codes for address validation on a global scale.

Character Set Mapping and Transliteration

  • Handles 40 different character sets and maps string data between them, lending versatility to address validation
  • Transliterates strings into the Latin alphabet, simplifying the address validation process

Address Parsing, Formatting, and Standardization

  • Parses unstructured and structured address data, greatly streamlining address validation
  • Standardizes address elements and formats postal addresses, facilitating the process of address validation

Validate Addresses on a Global Scale

  • Validates and corrects global addresses and assesses their deliverability
  • Corrects single-country or global addresses with reference data packages updated monthly, keeping address validation current

Postal Certifications – The Official Proof of Quality

  • AddressDoctor is currently the only address verification software with all five postal certifications worldwide:
    • CASS by the U.S. Postal Service
    • SERP by Canada Post
    • AMAS by Australia Post
    • SNA by La Poste in France
    • SendRight by New Zealand Post

Seamless Integration

  • Integrates easily with other Informatica applications as well as master data management solutions, CRM and ERP systems, call center systems, high-performance websites, and direct marketing applications
  • Leverages a wide array of interfaces and enhancements, including C and Java API; XML and legacy interface; simple file exchange; streamlining library installation and updating; versatile assignment of input data; and scalability for multiprocessor and multiple core systems