For over twenty five years, A.W. Hastings & Co. has been a distributor for Marvin Windows and Doors, supplying quality window and door products to the industry throughout the northeast.


  • Provide staff with single, comprehensive, shared view of all business information
  • Synchronize and replicate data between cloud and on-premise applications and databases
  • Ensure data in cloud CRM system is accurate, complete, and up to date
  • Reduce cost, time, and resources associated with cloud and on-premise data integration
  • Free up valuable IT resources by having the business facilitate the cloud data integration itself
If it wasn’t for Informatica Cloud Services, A.W. Hastings would not have been able to achieve the necessary integration with Informatica delivered the self-service data integration our organization needs to improve decision making and build prosperous customer relationships. Just as important, Informatica gave us the ability to envision any data solution – and that is a powerful tool for our business.
— Mark Perry,
Director of Technology,
A.W. Hastings & Co.


  • Enhanced the accuracy and timeliness of enterprise data for better business decisions
  • Helped the company compete more successfully in a challenging building supplies market
  • Introduced 360-degree, near real-time, dashboard view of business operations
  • Improved customer service via launch of innovative customer portal and other initiatives
  • Reduced the cost and risk associated with managing technology
  • Increased cost control though improved agent and customer credit checking and management
  • Enabled nontechnical business users to perform self-service cloud-based data integration
  • Increased the reliability and availability of critical operational data

Technologies Used