Founded in 1926, Banco Popular Español, S.A. is the fourth largest banking group in Spain. The bank has revenues of $2.9 billion and employs 14,200 staff.


  • Improve the independence and operational efficiency of the Quality of Information Office
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations
  • Contribute to cost savings, through reduced risk and lower technology costs
  • Enhance provision of personalized service for customers
We are no longer an office requesting information and instead we have become generators of solutions. The efficiency, speed, and flexibility that we have gained in the analysis of data are enormous.
— Alberto Romero
Director, Quality of Information Office
Banco Popular


  • Enabled autonomy that allows Quality of Information Office to carry out specific analyses
  • Lowered cost by moving processes from mainframe to distributed systems
  • Increased value of data by moving bank closer to source of information
  • Reduced cost of data by ensuring less time spent adapting data
  • Increased agility and processing performance
  • Ensured immediate verification of effectiveness of measures adopted

Technologies Used

  • Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

  • Achieves pervasive data quality for all stakeholders, projects, applications using a single, unified platform.