The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) is the largest wheat and barley marketer in the world and one of Canada’s biggest exporters. Controlled by western Canadian farmers, the Winnipeg-based organization returns all sales revenue, less marketing costs, to farmers.


  • Deliver timely business intelligence to decision makers, farmers and industry partners
  • Modernize the business with industry-standard supply chain systems
  • Ensure rapid, cost-effective development of new business solutions
The Informatica Platform is the glue that holds together our applications. It is a critical part of our infrastructure that keeps our business applications communicating with each other.
— Darren Whyte,
Chief Architect, I&T,
Canadian Wheat Board


  • Enabled seamless integration of business and supply-chain applications
  • Allowed for faster dissemination of business intelligence to decision-makers
  • Enabled accurate, efficient migration of data from mainframe to repositories and archives
  • Improved productivity and efficiency of IT

Technologies Used