The Cancer Council of New South Wales, Australia, maintains a comprehensive database of Pap test results from the state's medical laboratories, ensuring that doctors can track patients' test results over time and spot abnormalities more quickly. Reliable identity resolution allows the NSW Cancer Council to ensure women get timely, accurate health care that saves lives.


  • Augment healthcare database with identity data search-and-match capabilities
  • Accurately identify patient records despite data entry errors
  • Drive backup appointment reminder system
Given the highly variable quality of the data we receive from 54 pathology laboratories, the quality of matches detected by the technology is impressive.
— David Schanzer
Senior Systems Analyst
Cancer Council of New South Wales


  • Accurately identify patient records across 54 pathology laboratories
  • Link current and past records to provide comprehensive test histories
  • Improve data accuracy to enable proper follow-up care and treatment

Technologies Used