The Ministry of Public Finance in Costa Rica, which handles the country's financial policies, discovered that its tax data was riddled with inaccuracies. It urgently needed a data quality program in order to increase revenues, root out fraud and noncompliance, and bolster public confidence in the Ministry and its work.


  • Ensure that data is complete, consistent, accurate, and reliable
  • Standardize, cleanse, match, and de-duplicate data from multiple systems
  • Give analysts highly granular visibility into the resulting database
We didn't know we had so many informational errors, but by using Informatica Data Explorer and Data Quality, we were able to make corrections quickly and reliably.
— Reinier Soto
Assistant Director of Systems Engineering
Costa Rica Ministry of Public Finance


  • Identified and corrected 15 million data errors in tax rolls
  • Found and eliminated 28 million data errors in related accounts
  • Shortened data quality project to 10 months from an estimated 12 years
  • Built foundational data quality infrastructure for future projects

Technologies Used

  • Achieves pervasive data quality for all stakeholders, projects, applications using a single, unified platform..

  • Finds hidden risks, pinpoints structural issues, and stops quality problems from spreading in data.