• Meet regulatory requirements for data security
  • Provide customers with products and services tailored to their requirements
  • Maximize efficiency in ultra competitive telecommunications market
In order to ensure the quality of customer service data, it must be both complete and up to date. For Deutsche Telekom, the secure handling of customer data is also paramount. Informatica not only ensures a smooth workflow for our call center employees, but also embraces all relevant aspects of data security.
— Peter Fliessgarten
Deutsche Telekom Center for Information Technology


  • Delivered comprehensive integration of company data
  • Provided powerful, fully scalable platform with high level of availability
  • Enabled access to data in any format from virtually all business systems
  • Identified and integrated data before making it quickly available throughout the company
  • Allowed the conversion of all data formats—including unstructured and semistructured data plus industry-specific data standards—into any other format
  • Eliminated error-prone, manual programming

Technologies Used

  • Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

  • Enables efficient and cost-effective collaboration with your extended network of trading partners and customers.