The UK's Office for National Statisics (ONS) maintains a comprehensive list of UK businesses called the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR), a key data source for analysis of the country's economy and business activities. The ONS needed a way to link data from multiple systems and eliminate duplicates to give users more accurate search results.


  • Integrate large volumes and multiple types of data
  • Reduce duplication and errors
  • Deliver accurate search results faster
We needed something that could integrate with existing systems and find duplicate information across different data sets with no common linkage and different data quality standards. We no longer have to go to companies multiple times because now we can find the information we need in our databases.
— John Perry
Head of Business Register Unit
Office for National Statistics


  • Matched and grouped 12 million addresses for both current and defunct businesses
  • Improved responsiveness to queries, thus protecting government funding
  • Eliminated redundant business surveys

Technologies Used