SBI Japannext is a full-fledged proprietary trading venue (PTS) venue established in 2006 with the support of Japan’s top four on-line brokers—SBI Securities, Rakuten Securities, Orix Securities, and Click Securities. SBI Japannext continues to break all records in terms of trades. For example, in November 2012, the company achieved all-time high monthly and daily average trading volumes, with a monthly turnover of $13.4 billion and a daily average of $630 million.


  • Grow trading revenues
  • Deliver uninterrupted, 24x7 PTS service
  • Provide unrivalled trading performance, with ultralow latency
High-performance trading technology is a vehicle for growth, and Informatica Ultra Messaging is playing a vital role in helping SBI Japannext maintain a prime position in the proprietary trading system market, increase market share, and grow its customer base.
— Alexander Nedotsukov
Co-Chief Technology Officer
SBI Japannext


  • Helped PTS venue reach record trading volumes and become main challenger for equity trading
  • Enabled high performance and watertight reliability of company’s service over entire trade lifecycle
  • Increased market share and helped grow customer base
  • Delivered 100 percent business uptime, based on zero-latency failover design
  • Reduce server infrastructure by 80 percent

Technologies Used